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This project has the frontend that made with React and a backend made with Express.js which these typically involve in creating a web application.

A web app and mobile app for a public transport system can provide users with a convenient way to plan and manage their journeys using the public transport network.

The web app is accessible through a web browser and provide similar functionality to the mobile app, allowing users to view information about the following:

  • Stops
  • Schedules
  • Disruptions
  • Units, delays and drivers from the transport network

It may also provide features such as the ability to purchase tickets or passes and receive real-time updates about their journeys.

The mobile app (built with React Native), on the other hand, is designed to be used on a smartphone or tablet and may offer additional features such as the ability to track the user's location and provide turn-by-turn navigation to their destination using the public transport network.

The app handles three types of users:

  1. Client

  2. Driver

  3. Admin

The Client's Functions

  • See stops
  • See units on service
  • See drivers from the units

Client account to access the web and mobile app:

  • email:
  • password: password123

The Driver's Functions

  • Same as client's
  • Report incidents or delays

The Admin's Functions

  • Same as client's
  • Assign a driver to a unit
  • Add, edit or delete units, drivers or other admins

In such project, the frontend (built with React) handles the presentation of the application, including the interface that users interact with. The backend (built with Express.js) handles the server-side logic and provide the API (Application Programming Interface) that the frontend uses to communicate with the database and other external services.

Overall, this project involved creating a full-stack web application, with a focus on delivering a seamless and dynamic user experience on the frontend, and efficient and scalable data management on the backend.

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